Words Over Waltham Forest

InputOutput are delighted to be working with The Warrant Officer pub on three events during the festival and supporting their Remembrance Day Poppy Appeal event.

It’s been a race to the wire to get the pop-up gallery organised but we’re just about there, now. We’ll be featuring some excellent work by graphic designer Benjy Parker with some seriously intellectual looks at the art of typography. The man himself will be there from 2-4pm.

There’ll be some gentle musical noodling through the afternoon then Gabriel Edwards will be entertaining us with a mix of his own lovely tunes and some busking – loose change at the ready :)

The evening will be rounded off to the lively vibes of Gerry and The Toys

Gabriel Edwards   compass-2 by Benjy ParkerGerry & The Toys

Here’s the Facebook event link – go like!

On Nov 3rd we’ll be doing Words To Music (here’s the Facebook link to that one)

This will showcase songs chosen by a host of excellent local singer-songwriters who will be explaining a little about how they write their lyrics.

Local celeb Rhys Williams, whose recent album was well received by critics; John Ellis of Vibrators and Peter Gabriel fame; The Lucky Face; John Christian…the list goes on.

Still working on the details of the Remembrance event but it will involve songs, poems and readings on the theme of remembrance.

Finally, on Nov 17th, we’ll be throwing an end of festival shindig called Music To Words – which will involve an eclectic blend of musicians improvising an accompaniment to some locally penned works of poetry. May even get some improv poetry going. Hoping to end the evening with a cracking band tbc.

We’ll be editing the pages for ieach individual event over the next few days and will put the links up here.