Let’s get this thing going

I’ve been trying to find the time/opportunity to get this thing going for ages. Now is the time.

The Warrant Officer (in the self-proclaimed ‘Higham Hill Village’) offered me a chance to try some ideas out on Sunday August 25th.

Food stalls and micro-brewery beers have already been sorted out.

So I’m seeking five bands/acts to do specific sets throughout the day (who will be paid) and any others who wish to get up and do something or join in with some laid back jam sessions.A barrel of beer has already been donated to the musicians’ cause and I’m hoping to add to that.

Payment for musicians will comprise the door takings (a nominal £2 entry fee) which will be matched by the pub from bar takings – so £100 on the door = £200 divided between the bands/acts. Although this particular event will not be restricted to original music that will be the preferred option and it is what we’re aiming for in the future.

We will take into consideration the potential payment anomalies created by solo acts/big bands and I’ll be posting a separate piece on that, shortly, which I’m sure will be ripe for debate.

Arts & Crafts types are welcome to run stalls but there is limited space so get in quick. No fee but a donation would be welcome if you sell loads :)

Anyone who would like to take part please call/text me on 07737 816064 or email me @ johnl.garner@gmail.com


John Garner